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Welcome to the Scottish Suffragette.

This page aims to highlight women's rights and women's experiences through bold design that will appeal to the earlier generation of women while attracting a newer generation into the world of women.

The products on this page will  be designed by women and aimed to highlight women and their achievement in business.

Our organic t shirts and our hoodies are of the highest quality and every one is individually made by the Scottish suffragette

The page also features links to informative  websites of interest and in particular to crowd funds ,sadly these have become a necessity for women to retain the rights we have already won. These links are also helpful for anyone new to the political landscape of women's rights.

The main driver of the page is to encourage a new generation of women to be bold and confident and not dependent on the latest trends but to set their own trends, to be their own leader rather than being the ones led.

With women's rights being eroded by stealth, we need to guide and encourage the growing number of young women who have lost their way, and for that we absolutely need our younger confident women to shine the spotlight into the darkness that has taken over our younger generation.

All photographs  and rights are owned by the Scottish suffragette

Not for copy.

I hope to impart a positive message, and along with design and

peaceful demonstrations we can secure the future of women's rights. 

We shall hold the line, and we shall never wheesht.

The Scottish Suffragette.

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